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*NEWS UPDATE * Attention OG, the OG Cares Convention is being rescheduled!

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Аудио презентация BeesBuzz

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Ваш выбор?

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Happy Women’s Day! С праздником Вас, женщины!

Dear Entrepreneurs, dear friends,
Happy Women’s Day.

May your desires become true, for all of you.
We achieved our goals with commitment, obstinacy and constancy.
We are not only women in career, we are not only our families’ support, we are cleverly able to mingle with many different roles in a lovable way, this is the gift that life gave to us.
We are the soul of our Company.

Our professional growth is not meant only as working achievement, but as personal growth, as enrichment of the background, of sensations that each of us has experienced and developed through our own lives.
Women’s independence should not be celebrated only on the 8th of March, but every single day
It’s up to us to be able to grab the opportunities that the world gives us.
IXO Group is one of these. The biggest one.

I will keep going the way we started together, with all of you.
Day after day, we will accept the challenges and will struggle for the targets we constantly set.
Together, following your requirements and accepting your requests, we will proceed, sharing the wish to always grow, the way only us can do it!

Proud and tenacious, pragmatic and dreamers, that’s what we are!
Being a woman is a quality. And you are unique a ... Читать дальше »

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